Yael Rosen - JHB:

Jonathan is sensational! He is so approachable, happy to answer any questions, is on the ball every step of the way and goes above and beyond! I wouldn't go to anyone else to try and get your Lithuanian passport! Our family had an extremely complex and challenging experience due to differing dates and missing documents but he never gave up and persisted through... Thanks for everything Jonathan! This business deserves to be a great success...


Mark Uria - JHB:

You were an absolute pleasure to deal with – extremely efficient and reliable.


David Nowikow - JHB:

  • Very knowledgeable – keep up to date with changes in legislation
  • Process is very streamlined and organized.
  • Communication – clear and to the point, kept informed
  • Queries and outstanding info – dealt with timeously
  • Service is very professional.


Marc Snaid - JHB:

I originally started doing my Lithuanian restitution on my own almost 6 years ago, including collecting all documents necessary for the process. I made inquiries via various law firms and other companies regarding full services and cost involved. A friend informed me about Jonathan Markus. I contacted Jonathan and told him about the process I’ve been through and the various other “consultants” I’ve been dealing with. Most “consultants” require payment for their services up front . I only required one additional document to complete my process. For more than a year I spoke with Jonathan on what to do and how to go about obtaining the additional information and documents. Jonathan never asked for any money for his advice and was happy to help me out. After obtaining the last document with Jonathan’s help (which was a massive help) I decided to employ his services for the translation, application and restitution of my Lithuanian passport. I can highly recommend Jonathan Markus, it was as if I was dealing with a friend throughout the entire process and his knowledge and experience is better than the law firms and other consultants I have dealt with. He is passionate, articulate and efficient.


Yoel Gischen - JHB:

I found working with Jonathan and Nickey a pleasure. Jonathan was incredibly efficient in providing us with any information needed, and even when it felt like we were driving him a little crazy with questions, found him to act professionally and put us as ease with all our concerns. Jonathan provided us with a great service at a very reasonable fee, and additionally allowed us to pay via card which is a huge benefit when laying out funds for this exercise.

Lance Paiken - JHB

I found that the service provided was very professional.  The information requested was clear and concise and that you always knew what was needed and what the next step was. I found it a pleasure going through this process and thank you for making us citizens.